Welcome to Montana Timber

With over 50 years of expertise in the timber industry and leading supplier of:

  • Kiln dried hardwood for:
    Flooring, Decking, Furniture Grade, Dressed, Stairs.
  • Cut to length:
    OB Hardwood, Posts, Rails, Fencing Timber, Palings, Landscape Grade Sleepers, F14 & F17 Heavy Construction Timbers, Landscape Furniture Timbers.
  • Other Timber:
    Bridges, Wharves, Poles, Recycled Posts, Cross Arms, Timber Screening,  Pallet Timber, Wood Shavings, Wood Sawdust.
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Montana Timber is an Australian Timber Specialists

Montana Timber is a timber wholesaler in Melbourne that has been awarded for leaving a better forest for the future. Montana Timbers has undertaken a new forest management project, conducted in East Gippsland that has been recognised for its innovative methods by the 2012 Victorian Association of Forest Industries (VAFI) Sustainability Awards. VAFI CEO Lisa Marty said the Environment Award, presented at the Association’s Annual Dinner in Melbourne by Victorian Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh, recognised the innovative approach adopted by Montana Timber.

The Age recently presented the Environment Award to Montana Timber Holdings Pty Ltd. “Our industry only has a future whilst the forests are well managed, and by restoring the forests using low impact forest management techniques, Montana Timber is making sure they will be healthy for future generations.” We are proud to have achieved this award and strive through cooperation and education with the strong support of VAFI, FSC and Government bodies to help sustain our forests.

Our Products

An overview of the products we offer.


Montana Timber produces a range of naturally durable and beautiful floor boards from the slow grown hardy forests of East Gippsland.


Montana Timber provides solid timber Screening suitable for domestic and commercial use.


Montana Timber provides an extensive range of kiln dried solid Timber suitable for manufacturing high quality furniture for commercial and domestic requirements.

Bridges & Wharfs

Montana Timber provides an extensive range of solid timber for Wharves & Bridges which can also be treated if required.

Posts & Landscape Timbers

Montana Timber are a wholesale supplier of various Australian Hardwood Timbers that are perfect for use as posts and landscapes.

F14 & F17 Heavy Construction Timber

Montana’s large section F14 and F17 heavy construction timbers can produce appealing structures of high strength and natural durability.

Completed Projects